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Off The Record

Off The Record is growth strategy agency for startups based in Amsterdam. Together with my partner-in-crime Bas Prass we help (early-stage) startups with:

Go-to-market strategy
Value proposition, positioning, strategic roadmap, storytelling.

Growth hacking
Customer development/acquisition, tactics, business metrics, data-driven experiments and product/funnel optimization.

Startup Stash

Early 2015 I launched Startup Stash, "A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup". It went completely viral through Product Hunt and got 35K uniques and 230K pageviews in 48 hours. 

It ended up on Business Insider,, and was named as one of the 100 Best Websites For Entrepreneurs in 2015 by Forbes Magazine. 

Til date it has helped 300.000+ entrepreneurs from around the world while building their startup.